About Shields Point Training Academy

Security Services & Security Training Professionals

Shields Point Training Academy also known as Shields Point, LLC has been providing Security Services and Security training in Virgnia since 2018.

Shields Point Training Academy is not only a security company, but also a certified and insured training academy for the Commonwealth of Virginia. We train security professionals in the use of firearms, collapsible baton, handcuffing, OC spray, first aid and TASER.

Our instructors have extensive experience in law enforcement, the military and the security services industry.

We Offer A Variety of Security Training Courses

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Shields Point Training Academy offers the tools and expertise to take your security team to the next level. Contact our staff to learn more about what a partnership with our experts can mean for your team, staff, and business. We look forward to exploring a partnership that leverages years of experience in the security industry.